How to write a query letter:everything you need to know explained simply

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作者:by ; Donna ; Murphy

出版社:Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.


出版地:Ocala, Fla.


ISBN:978-1-60138-802-5 ; 1-60138-802-0

This book was written for the potential writer looking to effectively write and send a query letter that will grab the attention of editors and agents. You will learn the basics of writing to someone in a letter, including the etiquette and format that apply to printed text you may not know from using email. You will learn how to address writers and editors and what specific things should be in a query letter, from the format of the first paragraph, to describing yourself as an author to the editor or agent.

You will read numerous sample query letters to see how they should and should not look and will learn what ten major mistakes to avoid in all query letters. You will learn how to format a nonfiction book query and proposal as well as one for a novel.

Dozens of interviews were conducted with both writers who have successfully written query letters and editors who routinely read them to develop a walkthrough of everything that does and does not work. You will learn how to format and write the perfect cover letter and what the etiquette is for numerous different letters between you and an editor.

Finally, you will learn how to start formatting your query letters in email as the preferred new format for many editors. No matter whom you are contacting and what you are trying to pitch, this book will provide detailed information to help you get your writing picked up.

Donna M. Murphy is technical and business communications specialist and published author who develops and designs customized products for print and online media. Business publications, process documentation, manuals, and presentations are her forte. Donna provides editorial and publication design services to a variety of industries including publishing, information technology, small business, career cultivation for women, and personal branding.

Before her communication and design work,

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