The secret to the creative genius-revealed !:creating the new generation of genius

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作者:by ; Matthias ; Schübel

出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.


出版地:Houston, TX



The secret to the creative genius is revealed! Being a genius is the realized possibility of living fully by one's inner resources (from the heart) and bringing these out in a tangible form (through the head). It is the perfect combination between spirituality and science. When both dimensions and qualities come together as one, a genius is produced. It has always been one of our greatest desires to reach the state of genius. It is the greatest dream of mankind, and the intense longing for it has followed us throughout history.

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  • Dedication(第4页)
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  • Contents(第6页)
  • Preface(第7页)
  • PART 1: The Creative Genius Revealed(第8页)
  • Being the creative genius(第8页)
  • Realizing our ultimate potential(第10页)
  • What is the roadblock to genius?(第11页)
  • What is the creative genius quality?(第12页)
  • The characteristics of the head and heart(第13页)
  • Entering a new time and era(第14页)
  • PART 2: A New Look at Fundamental Areas in Life(第15页)
  • Money and success per original intent(第16页)
  • God and His arising new vision(第17页)
  • Tapping purpose through opening the portal to the inner world(第18页)
  • Completing education for ultimate growth(第19页)
  • Knowingness surpasses knowledge(第20页)
  • From the social conditioning of work toward ultimate freedom(第21页)
  • Business and the force behind a creation(第22页)
  • PART 3: Tangible Actions and Intangible Obstacles(第23页)
  • Our great opportunity and challenge(第23页)
  • Development for releasing the creative genius(第25页)
  • Summary and final conclusion(第26页)
  • The genius formula(第27页)
  • About the Author(第28页)