My first old testamment bible stories

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作者:Written ; by ; Kim ; Mitzo ; Thompson ; Mitzo ; Hilderbrand ; I

出版社:Twin Sisters Productions, LLC


出版地:[Stow, OH]



Gain a better understanding of the Old Testament with this captivating book from the My First Bible Stories Collection. Written especially for young children, these traditional stories introduce readers to the Bible in a fun and easy way! Each of the 12 captivating stories includes scripture references and emphasizes an important life lesson.

  • God Made Me(第4页)
  • Adam And Eve(第7页)
  • The Story of Noah(第8页)
  • God’s Beautiful Rainbow(第10页)
  • Father Abraham(第13页)
  • The Red Sea(第14页)
  • Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho(第16页)
  • The Story Of Ruth(第19页)
  • David and Goliath(第20页)
  • The Story of Job(第23页)
  • Daniel in the Lions’ Den(第24页)
  • Jonah and the Whale(第26页)