Every body does yoga

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作者:Lynn ; Eddy[作]

出版社:Strategic Book Pub. and Rights Co.


出版地:Houston, TX


ISBN:978-1-61897-406-8 ; 1-61897-406-8

Lucy wants to go to her moms Yoga class but then learns that she doesn't need a class in order to do Yoga. Throughout the day, Lucy's mom points out when Lucy's body is in a Yoga pose. Lucy then sees that every body does Yoga, even her dolls and stuffed animals! Every Body Does Yoga not only teaches some Yoga moves and breathing, but has whimsical drawings that makes it appealing for children and parents alike.

Author Lynn Eddy enjoys life in a quiet farm town in Connecticut. She credits her two daughters, Olivia and Abigail, with helping her to have increased flexibility and balance in her life but she sometimes needs reminding from the love of her life, John, to breathe. -----About the IllustratorI llustrator Ali Lenehan lives in central Connecticut with her husband and children who inspire her to follow her dreams. She is a painter and illustrator who finds magic and whimsy in everyday life.